Celebrating the female role models of the Nordic tech scene

OBS! Voting closes October 31st!

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  • Nominations open 2 March
  • Deadline for nominations 31 July
  • Judges vote winner 28 September
  • People’s Choice Award opens 5 October
  • Awards ceremony 12 November

About the awards

Once a year we gather together to recognize and celebrate the role models, who inspire and lead the movement for more women in tech in the Nordic countries. We highlight the good examples and the success stories to inspire a new generation of women who want to take on the challenging and exciting path in the tech industry. By honoring the people that pave the way for women in tech, we want to show that everyone is welcome and can realise their potential and dreams.

The process

We collect nominations on our website until July 31. Nominees are going to be announced after the deadline for the nominations. Everyone can nominate a person that is an inspiration or is an example to others, and tell us more about why they nominate this person.

Jury and shortlist of nominees
We announce the judges board on July 16. The board together with representatives from WonderCoders will carefully deliberate on all the nominations received. They will select 5 nominees for each category, consequently creating the shortlist of nominees.

Judges voting
The judges board will vote one winner per category from the shortlist of nominees. The board will vote online on our platform between September 28th and October 25th.

People’s Choice Award
A month prior to the award ceremony, we will open for voting the People’s Choice Award. Here anyone would be able to vote for one of the shortlisted nominees.

Awards ceremony
The winners of all categories and the People’s Choice Award will be presented at the online ceremony on November 12th.

Who is your female role model in tech?

Do you know any outstanding women in the Nordics tech scene who acted as role models and inspired you or others?

We believe that your role models deserve appreciation, respect, and acknowledgment.
We encourage you to nominate them so we can celebrate them together!

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