Nordic Women in Tech Awards

Who are we?

Nordic Women in Tech Awards is an initiative by WonderCoders to create role models and celebrate the progress of getting more women interested in tech. More than 14 volunteers work behind the scenes to make a difference and they are all united by the same dream and values We all want to see women’s hard work and success be recognized more broadly. Our way of achieving this is by finding the tech industry’s female role models, making it possible for others to share them with us and building a vocal community that breaks all gender prejudice in the industry.


There are more and more women taking the path less traveled and making way for the newer generations. Those women innovate, create, develop and inspire. They take action and so do we. Our mission is to serve them as a megaphone and amplify their voices in an industry dominated by men, while the need of more creative solutions and new perspectives to problems have been on the rise.

At Nordic Women in Tech Awards we make sure to put those women in the spotlight.

Board members

Portrait of Plamena Cherneva

Plamena Cherneva

Co-founder & CEO

The future will be made by creators and not consumers.
The Tech industry badly needs female perspective. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we involve the other half of the population on Earth in building technologies that influence our lives and lives of the next generations.
Portrait of Rasmus Bruun

Rasmus Bruun

Advisory board member

There is a need for a more diverse work force in the tech industry. Nordic Women in Tech Awards and WonderCoders are important initiatives that I’m very happy to support in meeting that need for our society.
Portrait of Jekaterina Buraja

Jekaterina Buraja

Co-founder & Organizational Manager

I sincerely believe that, by exposing and celebrating the achievements of talented women and men, our initiative can not only inspire women for STEM careers, but also it can help to boost diversity and inclusion within the tech world overall.