Judges 2022

At Nordic Women in Tech Awards we have a Local and a Global Judging committee.

The Local Judging committee will identify the 5 shortlisted nominees in each of the 10 categories. They will be voting only for nominees in their respective country.

The Global Judging committee will be voting for the winner in each category, among all shortlisted nominees, despite the country the judge represents.

We are proud to have a judging committee that consists of highly accomplished individuals whose work have had a real impact on the tech industry.

Focusing on diversity, we have invited founders, innovators, CEOs, leaders and tech experts. They are spread across different fields like AI, robotics, telecommunications, consultancy etc.

We trust that they will ensure the most objective selection process of finalists and winners in each category.

Local judges - Sweden

Stephanie Darvill
Cofounder & COO of Aline

Elin Tornblad
Ecosystem-builder at Gothenburg Tech Week & Female Founder of The Year 2020

Maria Naveira Sund
Senior Vice President Engineering at Kambi

Juliana Araujo
Sr. Product Manager at Spotify, Founder of Beela, Nordic Women in Tech Awards – Mentor of the Year 2021

Anna Johansson
Regional development
Region of Västra Götaland

Local judges - Denmark

Alexandra Ciobotaru
Founder & Host at Femme Lead Podcast

Goran Vuksic
Engineering Manager, Pandora, Microsoft AI MVP

Sus Mandrup Hansen
Associate Director, Accenture Song DK

Matthew Ross
People and Culture Generalist, Monta

Dea Nurçe
Senior Consultant, Netlight

Local judges - Norway

Monica Beate Tvedt
Partner & Director of Technology at Forte Digital

Astrid R. Skaugseth
 CEO at SHE Community

Wenche Fredriksen
SVP Head of Diversity & Inclusion, DNB

Nina Marie Nicolas
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, DNV

Sonni Christine Jacobsen
Founder & CEO, Bill Kill AS

Local judges - Iceland

Raquelita Aguilar
Director Of Digital Development at Isavia, Nordic Women in Tech Awards Digital Leader of the year 2021

Fida Abu Libdeh
Founder & CEO GeoSilica

Davíð Lúther Sigurðarson
CEO & Co-owner, SAHARA

Einar Ben
Chairman of the Board, NET3

Hildur Oskarsdottir
Product Manager Web at Icelandair | Podcast Host, “Konur í tækni” (Women in Tech)

Local judges - Finland

Portrait of Milja Köpsi

Milja Köpsi
Program Manager, MimmitKoodaa

Portrait of Caritta Seppa

Caritta Seppä
COO & Co-Founder @Tespack,
Forbes 30 Under 30

Katja Toropainen
Founder & CEO, Inklusiiv

Touko Apajalahti
Higher Education Policy, Technology Industries of Finland

Victor Brück
Diversity & Inclusion, Nordea

Global judges will be announced soon! Stay tuned!