Nominees 2021

Our judges had the impossible job to select the 5 shortlisted  nominees to compete in each award category. This year we received over 400 nominations across all Nordic countries. 
Thank you to all who nominated their Role models and Thank you to the nominees – we celebrate you today, tomorrow and every day. NWiTA’s goal is to feature your work and achievements and inspire more women to follow career path in tech and more people to see the importance of Mentorship.

Women in Tech advocate of the year

Recognizing an inspirational organization or person for their accomplishments as leaders in business and visionaries of technology who have made a difference in their community and have gone out of their way to support the cause of attracting more women in the tech industry over the last 24 months.

Alter State
Zivile Einikyte, Co-founder | Denmark

Dora Palfi
Co-founder and CEO, imagiLabs | Sweden

Rea Parashar
Head of Innovation & Communication at NCE Finance Innovation | Norway

Valgerður Hrund Skúladóttir
CEO at Sensa ehf. | Iceland

Jeanette Carlsson
Founder & CEO at Tech Nordic Advocates | Denmark

Rising star of the year

Recognises an up-and-coming tech professional in the last five years that has demonstrated exceptional creativity or ability within the industry; who is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader in their industry and presents significant evidence of a promising future.

Alexandra Gunderson
Co-Founder & CEO at unifai | Norway

Eeva-Jonna Panula
Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist at Oura Health| Finland

Freyja Thorarinsdottir
Founder & CEO of GEMMAQ | Iceland

Smriti Mishra
Head of Artificial Intelligence at EarthBanc AB | Sweden

Elinor Samuelsson Edit Founder and UX/UI Designer at BrightAct | Sweden

Mentor of the Year

Awarded to honor a person who has provided significant support and guidance by empowering a less experienced person to develop his/her skills in an IT or Technological field. As a result, the mentee/pupil has achieved vital knowledge growth and results in their field.

Deborah Lygonis
CEO and business coach at Friendbase AB and Innovatum Science Park | Sweden

Juliana Araujo
CEO and Founder at Beela | Sweden

Nilma Abbas
Teacher, Zealand Academy | Denmark

Sandy Bansal
Computer Science teacher & Vice Principal at Amerikanska Gymnasiet | Sweden

Vibha Deshpande
Senior Customer Engineer at Microsoft | Finland

Investor of the Year

An individual or organisation who has invested in female-led tech startups.

Malin Frithiofsson
Program manager at Startup Norway + President of Women in Tech – Gothenburg | Norway

Mia Wagner & Anne Stampe Olesen
Co-Founders at Nordic Female Founders | Denmark

Jessie VanderVeen
Head of Marketing – Front-end Web and Mobile at Amazon Web Services | Iceland

Innovator of the Year

This category focuses on an individual or technology company who has created or implemented exceptional innovation/inventions, client successes, and deployment in the last 24 months.

Babou Olengha- Aaby
Founder and CEO / The Next Billion | Norway

Caroline Iwers Prahl
COO / Inkonova | Sweden

Cecilia Videcél, 
CEO & Co-Founders at Kura | Sweden

Gemma Whitehouse,
Founder  & CTO  / Meditt* | Norway

Kaisa Salakka,
Director, Research Labs/ Unity | Finland

Initiative of the Year

Awarded to honor an individual or organisations that has raised the bar and serves as an example to the industry and has also demonstrated exceptional initiative to show that women are a significant part of a tech project’s success. This could involve education, training, and various other types of campaigns.

Co-coders / Lise Back Lystlund, Data consultant at ProActive | Denmark

Femme Lead Podcast / Alexandra Ciobotaru
Product & Growth Manager at Novorésumé  | Denmark

InTechFounders, Joo Runge & Ann – Christine Roope | Denmark

The Code Pub
Netlight Consulting | Sweden

ReDi School, Ida Jepsen
CEO | Denmark

Entrepreneur of the year

Is awarded to an individual, who is an owner or main shareholder of a tech start-up with significant growth over the last 36 months and who is ready to demonstrate a successful commercial plan in achieving their goals.

Ida Bjerga
Managing Drector & Co-founder of Noise Studio | Denmark

Tarnjit Saini
CEO & Co-Founder at StepOut | Finland

Stefania Bjarney Olafsdottir, 

CEO & Co-Founder @ Avo | Iceland

Sonni Christine Jacobsen,
Founder & CEO at Bill Kill AS | Norway

Mathilde Jakobsen
CEO & Co-founder at Fresh.Land | Denmark

Diversity leader of the year

This category focuses on a specific diversity initiative or project that has been established by organization or individual to promote diversity in IT in a specific company or for the wider community. Judges will assess the impact of this project and how successful it has been based on its tangible results in closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in tech.

Anne Gretland
CEO at FotoWare | Norway

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos
Founder and CEO at Develop Diverse | Denmark

Samaneh Utter,
Founder at Women in IT ( | Sweden

Sara Shafie,
Founder and CEO at DivERS | Denmark

Liva Echwald, Founder and Stine Colding Alstrup Co-Founder of Found Diverse | Denmark

Digital leader of the year

A person in a digital position within Tech industry, who has demonstrated successful results in the area of digital innovation in the last 24 months.

Karoliina  Hagman
Managing Director – Technology – Liquid Studio Helsinki at Accenture | Finland

Kim Hedberg
Manager Strategy and Offering at Stratiteq Sweden AB | Sweden

Mie Holmbo Bech Hansen
NewTech Management Consultant at KPMG| Denmark

Raquelita Rós Aguilar,
Director of Digital Development at Isavia ohf.| Iceland

Sofie Wahlström
CEO BrightAct and Innovation manager in Uppsala municipality| Sweden

Developer of the year

Is awarded to an individual who has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the technological area of software development and has achieved or was a part of outstanding projects, and who has developed creative solutions to problems that were solved with code.

Dipika Baad
Senior Data Consultant @ Netlight Consulting Oy, Founder @ HuskyCodes Oy| Finland

Julia Flamet Wallin
Senior Software Engineer @ Haptiq AS | Norway

Nanna Munkholm
Software Pilot At Trifork | Denmark

Saoni Mukherjee
DevOps Engineer in Enfuce | Finland

Sona Pakhchanyan Manager, Machine Learning and AI @ KPMG | Denmark