Winners 2023

For the third year in a row, we have celebrated the achievements of women across Nordic Countries.

This year, we received a significant number of nominations. Each of the nominees has an outstanding profile, and the local and global judges had a taught time selecting one winner for each of the ten categories. Congratulations on well-deserved awards to all encouraging and inspiring winners!

Thank you for being part of #NWITA2023

01 Developer of the year

Is awarded to an individual who has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the technological area of software development and has achieved or was a part of outstanding projects, and who has developed creative solutions to problems that were solved with code.

Portrait of Jonah Andersson

Jonah Andersson

Developer, Cloud & DevOps Engineer Lead, Senior Azure Consultant Sweden

02 Digital leader of the year

A person in a digital position within Tech industry, who has demonstrated successful results in the area of digital innovation in the last 24 months.

Portrait of Jennifer Montague

Jennifer Montague

Vice President of Growth at Onomondo | Denmark

03 Diversity leader of the year

This category focuses on a specific diversity initiative or project that has been established to promote diversity in IT in a specific company or for the wider community. Judges will assess the impact of this project and how successful it has been based on its tangible results in closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in tech.

Portrait of Chisom Udeze

Chisom Udeze

Founder and CEO Diversify Norway

04 Entrepreneur of the year

Is awarded to an individual, who is an owner or main shareholder of a tech start-up with significant growth over the last 36 months and who is ready to demonstrate a successful commercial plan in achieving their goals.

Portrait of Annu Nieminen

Annu Nieminen

Founder and CEO of The Upright Project Finland

05 Initiative of the year

Awarded to honor an individual or organisations that has raised the bar and serves as an example to the industry and has also demonstrated exceptional initiative to show that women are a significant part of a tech project’s success. This could involve education, training, and various other types of campaigns.

Laura McGrath


06 Innovator of the year

This category focuses on an individual or technology company who has created or implemented exceptional innovation/inventions, client successes, and deployment in the last 24 months.

Portrait of Tove Mylläri

Tove Mylläri

Team Lead Experiments & Collaborations at Finnish Broadcasting Company - YleFinland

07 Investor of the year

An individual or organisation who has invested in female-led tech startups.

Portrait of Joo Sundström

Joo Sundström

CEO and Founder, Vera InvestSweden

08 Mentor of the year

Awarded to honor a person who has provided significant support and guidance by empowering a less experienced person to develop his/her skills in an IT or Technological field. As a result, the mentee/pupil has achieved vital knowledge growth and results in their field.

Ragnhild Aaraas Hånde

Senior Software Developer at Forte DigitalNorway

9 Rising star of the year

Recognises an up-and-coming tech professional in the last five years that has demonstrated exceptional creativity or ability within the industry; who is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader in their industry and presents significant evidence of a promising future.

Portrait of Safa Jemai

Safa Jemai

CEO, Founder VíkonnektIceland

10 Women in Tech advocate of the year

Recognising an inspirational organisation or person for their accomplishments as leaders in business and visionaries of technology who have made a difference in their community and have gone out of their way to support the cause of attracting more women in the tech industry over the last 24 months.

Portrait of Marianne Andersen

Marianne Andersen

CEO CoInsights APS, Founder High5GirlsDenmark

Liva Echwald Awards​

Is awarded to honor and keep alive the legacy of our beloved Liva Echwald, who left us too early. A nominee in this category are, just like Liva, a mentor, a role model and relentless Diversity and Inclusion advocate, coaching young founders and showing women that nothing is impossible.

Jenifer Clausell

Founder of Develop DiverseDenmark